Dear Kevin:

My wife and I wish to express our gratitude for a job well done. Although we have dedicated over ten years of effort to the removal of massive manzanita fields and thinning overgrown and unhealthy timber stands, with the help of your crew and equipment we were able to complete work on a substantial portion of our ranch in a very short timeframe. Likewise, the quality of your work matched our high standards for thoroughness, safety, tree protection, and minimal ground disturbance. We have observed other vegetation reduction methods for years, and without question, your equipment and best practices are superior.

Your efforts from the beginning – helping us to secure funding for a portion of the project, taking care of all the equipment logistics (moving equipment in and out, and crossing a major State highway midway in the project,) and your constant oversight was exemplary. Also, your willingness to test new methods and reach beyond your known capabilities permitted additional cleanup that otherwise would have to be done by hand.



Craig Maxwell